2 Simple Technology Solutions For Industry

Some disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, developed robotics, augmented reality aren’t completely what you’d call simple. Created using complicated programs and, more often than not, pricy hardware, these solutions can be both expensive and confusing.

Nevertheless, sometimes the most effective solutions are also the simplest.

Here are two interesting commercial applications of technology that can be understood without a computer science qualification.

Screen protection in cybersecurity

From checking a few emails to planning full projects, it’s become the rule to work outside of the office. Normally, the work got on by personal devices in public environments and is therefore visible to other people. As many cybersecurity measures as they like, organizations can invest but if the details of a confidential deal or project are leaked to the public by ‘visual hacking’ then they become meaningless. As working on the move becomes more popular, companies need to make sure that this work is got on in the most secure way.

HP have produced a product called, Sure View which is a simple but effective solution to portable device privacy. The feature enables users to work in any location, free from prying eyes, by reducing 95 per cent of visible light when a device is viewed from an angle. This makes sense that the display can only be read by the person who is directly in front of it.

Bluetooth in hospitality

Bluetooth which was known as short link radio technology, was first used in the 1990s to develop mobile headsets. It was later set up in mobile phones and quickly became a common option for low power data transfer. Today, in spite of being a legacy technology, bluetooth still keeps its own in an increasingly connected world.


For instance, TraknProtect that is a smart hospitality business based in the US, uses Bluetooth beacon technology to track the location of employees and resources via badges and wearable devices. Bluetooth and WiFi hubs offer real time information about the position of tagged items and staff so that when a guest requests a service or product, it is brought efficiently. Bluetooth connectivity is equally helpful for monitoring inventory levels in hotels – invaluable information for businesses that helps their profit from provision.


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