Budget Technology Solutions for Small Business Online Business Training

As a small business owner, knowledge and a desire to keep expanding your experience is precious. You could travel the world to participate in live training and educational events with unlimited time and a boundless fund. However, most of us are limited by finances and time challenges, so that’s normally not realistic.

Self-paced training and free online business training programs are a perfect way to broaden your know-how, right from the comfort of your own home or office when it fits you best. There is an amount of exceptional online business training resources that include just about any topic you’d want to learn about. When you know how to choose an online business training program, the possibilities are endless.

Open-Source Software

Open-source software offers small business owners with alternatives to employing typical commercial applications in the daily management of their businesses. Open-source software is appealing for lots of business owners since it typically requests no financial investment and frequently has the flexibility to suit perfectly with a business owner’s demands.

One of the most common open-source tools available is, an office software suite with word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, and more.

Landline Alternatives

These days, small business owners are not forced to an office or computer in order to do their work and keep in the loop. One of the ways that business owners can take their business with them is by getting an alternative to a traditional landline as their telephone service. Cell phones, VoIP, ​and virtual phone lines are a few of the selections available.

Teleconference Services

So much of what we do as small business owners has a virtual factor. Being able to handle conference calls with a group of team members and/or customers at different places is one example of this. There are plenty of teleconference services, some free, that offer small business owners the capacity to handle teleconferences with multiple parties — anytime they want — without needing special telephone or bridge line equipment.

There are also a number of Web conferencing tools that let you interact with team members located all over the world, almost as if you’re face-to-face.

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