In the super serious Ultrabook market, HP has to fight with many respected brands that all see this as a profoundly rewarding sector. The Elitebook designs offer an extremely wide scope of performance and price points, with the 840 G5 being on the higher finish of that sliding scale. What buyers can expect is a full bells and whistles experience where performance matches the best accessible from any supplier.

Strangely, the gave audit model was a 3JX09EA variation, one that is not yet accessible on either the UK or US stock for the HP 850 G5. Despite the fact that it is fundamentally the same as the 3JX31EA, 3JX94EA and 3RF15UT models that can be purchased in most regions.

In the US, the 3RF15UT with the same screen, memory and storage costs $1,769.00 (£1,322). Whereas the 3JX94EA sells in the UK for £1,366.80, despite the fact that it has 8GB of RAM, not 16GB.

Considering that this machine has a touchscreen and a high caliber of construction, that price compares well with Toshiba, Dell and other famous Ultrabook brands.

The HP EliteBook 840 G5 represents the classic struggle between unadulterated esthetics and down to earth usefulness. Where appearance may be vital elsewhere, here it never overrides common sense, conveying a design that looks stylish, yet avoids any design choices that may be considered revolutionary.

The first thing that struck us is the means by which all around made this gadget is without falling into the obvious snare of over-engineering. This chassis succinctly avoids any sharp edges or adaptable structures, as these things should.

The appearance is that it is altogether metal, yet that is a subtle illusion. The cleverness of the HP Engineers is that the plastic is mostly restricted to those locations where mileage won’t ordinarily uncover it.

The top is metal skinned, has the new hyper-stylized HP logo embossed into it, and feels enticingly cool to the touch. The underside is plastic and less visually engaging, as you won’t be seeing it regularly.

Opening it up, reveals a spacious illuminated keyboard, with a coordinated pointing gadget. The touchpad is of the highest quality, has the two buttons at the top, and more under an adaptable edge at the base, and is also viable with Microsoft Precision Touchpad default gestures, for those who have learned them.

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