Hyundai Palisade will be launched in India soon

The Hyundai Palisade is being considered for launch in India, according to a new media report. The leader SUV, offered in 7-seat and 8-seat versions universally, is the South Korean brand’s flagship SUV.

The Hyundai Palisade was at first a left-hand drive-just model. There was no arrangement to release a right-hand drive version. Nonetheless, the interest from right-hand drive markets is strong and Hyundai has started doing the math to see if it merits doing the conversion. Australia is the prime inspiration, promising volumes in several thousand year. India would be just one of only a handful few small markets that would profit by the process in the event that it happens.

Speaking to Autocar India as of late, Tarun Garg, Director – Sales, Service and Marketing, Hyundai (India), said that “Hyundai is assessing the feasibility of launching the Palisade in India.” Local assembly is also on the table, he uncovered.

We’ll have to see which course we can take with it, if the market is prepared and what sort of volumes we’d be taking a gander at. A decision on a model like this is basic because one has to consider the import duties, and on the off chance that we choose to restrict it, we would require certain volumes.

For neighborhood assembly to bode well, Hyundai’s Indian subsidiary will most likely need to promise sales of at any rate a couple hundred units every year to the headquarters. Thanks to the casual import norms and given that the interest would be under 2,500 units every year, the organization is probably not going to be stressed over homologation.

As per GoAuto’s report from September last year, the Hyundai Palisade’s HTRAC all-wheel drive system is one of the specialized issues in the right-hand drive conversion process, as it was designed to work in just left-hand drive. As such, some components require extensive re-engineering.

Hyundai makes the Palisade in three engine variants and offers every one of them in FWD and AWD drivetrain layouts. Be that as it may, the FWD configurations normally are intended for high-volume markets like the USA, Canada and South Korea. In a market like ours, where this model would be seen as a prestige, brand-shaping model and be regarded as a truly expensive item, the customer desire is having each significant element of it to be incorporated, especially the HTRAC AWD system.

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