The best news apps for Android and iOS

Apple News

On every iOS device, Apple News is preloaded and it remains unavailable on Android platforms. The News app sets a main focus on images and quick-loading videos, and publications like The New York Times and National Geographic have partnered with the company to make their content readily available. It includes a lot of trends as well as individual topics, ranging from politics to niche topics, that means you can easily follow whatever you want.

Google News

Google News is the app replaced for Google Play Newsstand, and it becomes as polished and smooth as you might expect.  News sources from all across the world are pulled by Google, therefore perhaps you’ll be able to find your favorite sites and publications. The app can establish a day-to-day briefing to offer you the most significant stories of the day, or you can tap Full Coverage to get everything without Google’s curation. You can also store a story or download specific publications to read later. Based on an inbuilt recommendation system, Google claims that Google News will get better and more in tune with your interests the more you use it.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News provides a simple and easy-to-use way to fast get the news you need. When you open it for the first time, you will receive a question to select the topics you’re interested in, and you can change those topics quickly at any time. The major windows show news the app thinks are related to you, but you can scroll between topics at the top of the display as well as switching to purely local news from near you. This app provides an option of light and dark themes, breaking news alerts.

The New York Times

The New York Times’s app is known as the one of the world’s most popular news sources, which covers everything you expect from a news app — offline reading, breaking news alerts, and social media sharing — but it’s also got a few features you won’t find on other apps. There are audio and video choices, but one of the most forward-thinking additions is augmented reality, letting you gaze into David Bowie’s wardrobe, or meet world-class Olympic athletes face-to-face. Unfortunately, to get full access you must pay for it, and it’ll cost you $15 for a month, or $130 for a full year, for basic access to all articles. If you want access to the NYT Crossword, Cooking, and a bonus publication too, you’ll need to pay $25 a month instead.

Financial Times

If you are looking for the latest news on the biggest events, the Financial Times is the best choice which is one of the oldest publications around. Where the FT stands except from other news sources is a certain emphasis on business and the financial markets, making it great if you’re always keeping an eye on the latest developments in the business world. You can follow trends or topics of particular interest, and get breaking news notifications.

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