As opposed to late speculation, Volkswagen has not yet formally signed off on a tough SUV based on the Amarok UTE to contend with the Ford Everest and others, however there’s unquestionably some significant improvement in progress.

“We’re discussing it again now… there’s been some success with competitors like MU-X and Everest and Colorado 7 and Fortuner, everybody is doing it,” Volkswagen Commercials Australia chief Carlos Santos revealed to us this week.

Therefore, Volkswagen has almost every sort of SUV in its portfolio. Nonetheless, it lacks a legitimate Toyota Fortuner matching fair size SUV that could assist it with accomplishing a lot stronger presence in Asian markets. Considering that thinking, here’s a VW Amarok SUV delivered by our digital artist.

Volkswagen’s SUV offensive has seen numerous new strategic models coming out throughout the years to increase a stronger traction in worldwide markets. Consider the VW Atlas for North America and the Middle East, for instance, or the forthcoming VW Nivus for Latin America. By 2025, the organization plans to have more than 30 SUV models on offer worldwide and half of its sales to come from them. This extended SUV line-up may incorporate an intense stepping stool outline medium size SUV.

The second-gen VW Amarok will use the stepping stool outline chassis of the seventh-gen Ford Ranger (Ford T7). The same platform would spawn a SUV as well – the fourth-gen Ford Endeavor (Ford U704). So, in fact, Volkswagen can make an Amarok SUV. A model like that could help the solidify its presence in Thailand and other ASEAN markets where PPV SUVs are popular. Neighborhood assembling would be critical to success, however. So, the VW Amarok SUV would presumably move off the same creation line as the Ford Endeavor or Ford Everest in Thailand.

As energizing as the VW Amarok SUV launch may sound, sadly, there is no such arrangement right now. The collusion among Volkswagen and Ford is just for business vehicles. Nonetheless, should the partnership grow to remember private vehicles for the future, a fair size stepping stool outline SUV like this could be among the first candidates.

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